A year has past since the establishment of General Incorporated Association Open Embedded Software Foundation. Currently, there are approximately 70 members from all over the world, continuing to actively conduct activities in spreading embedded system based on Android, jointly developing frameworks and components necessary for each device, and holding training courses for personnel training.

The activity theme of OESF for 2010 is Android Steps Ahead.

Android Steps Ahead is…
・Android Steps Ahead beyond Cell Phone
・Android Steps Ahead beyond STB and DPF
・Android Steps Ahead into Automotive
・Android Steps Ahead into Office
・Android Steps Ahead to the Future
…Android spreading into various information equipments, etc.

We have begun the disclosure of OESF Embedded Master as an open source from March as our first achievement.

We will be holding “Android Steps Ahead 2010/Tokyo” seminar to introduce and have many people recognize and understand the activities, achievements, and vision of OESF. We will be looking forward to your participation.
OESF Bureau
Marketing Working Group

Summary of Session

NameAndroid Steps Ahead 2010/Tokyo
TermApril 21, 2010 (Wed) AM 10:00 – PM 6:30
PlaceKokusai Fashion Center Hall (KFC Hall) 〔Map〕
HostGeneral Incorporated Association Open Embedded Software (OESF)
SponsorJapan Embedded Systems Technology Association(JASA)
Sponsor company MIPS Technologies, Inc.
Nanoconect Inc,
Sigma Designs Inc.
CapacityKeynote Track : 400
General Track : 400
Technical Track : 150
Demonstration exhibityAM11:00-18:30
※We will prepare beer and wine etc after 17:00 as a place of gathering

Summary of lecture and demonstration exhibit

Keynote track(Capacity: 400)

10:00-11:45 at KFC Hall 3F A
We will first introduce the activities of OESF, followed by an introduction with actual demonstration of Digital Home vision based on Android, which is proposed by OESF, by recreating an actual living room on stage. Additionally, each working group of OESF will provide explanations on the technology etc which will actually achieve these demonstrations.

Please refer to the schedule here for further details.
We broadcast this track on live at U-Stream.

General Track(Capacity: 400)

13:00-17:00 at KFC Hall 3F A
We will introduce the efforts of OESF in achieving Digital Home by Android and products and solution of each member companies. In addition, we will introduce various approaches such as the efforts of Automotive environment represented by car-mounted navigation systems, role and future image of Android device in the cloud environment, and education and training of Android engineers. We will also introduce the efforts and approaches of each company towards Android.
Please refer to the schedule here for further details.
We broadcast this track on live at U-Stream.

Technical Track(Capacity: 150)

Sorry, this track is already full. We stoped registration. You can join this track from Webinar.
13:00-17:00 at KFC Hall 2F A
This lecture is subjected to Android engineers. Explanation and method of utilization of Embedded Master, disclosed by OESF. We are planning to introduce OESF Platform Builder which is able to establish Light Weight Android and OESF Market Place SDK for service provider. Additionally, we will introduce actual cases of application development based on public API of IP-Communications.
We will also introduce many efforts towards open source of both communities of 0xLab, Android-X86, partners of OESF. Lastly, we will like to introduce a partial of AR technology which OESF is working on for the future.
Please refer to the schedule here for further details.
You can join this track From Webinar. Please make registration from the following URL.

Demonstration Exhibit

11:00-18:30 at KFC Hall 3F E
We will be displaying products, test modules, and solution of each member company. In addition, we will be introducing the world’s Android based device which is not yet sold in Japan. Exhibition site will be open until 18:30. After 17:00, we will be serving beer and wine etc. Please take your time to view the exhibits and at the same time, individual business negotiations are also possible.
Please refer to the Exhibit Guide for further details.

Floor Map

Application Method

Please apply for participation from this page.
Participation is free. We will close application as soon as it reaches capacity; therefore we encourage you to apply early. Application will be in units of each Track. If there are extra seats, you may participate in other Tracks than the one you have applied for.

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